The stars — they’re just like us. Well, sort of. Well, actually not at all, because we just found out that singer, actor, and EGOT-er John Legend eats salad for breakfast. That’s definitely the sort of thing we’re used to hearing from celebrities, whose diets can be truly alarming/fascinating, but Legend’s reason for focusing on green veggies first thing in the morning has nothing to do with vanity and everything to do with health.

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It turns out the singer has a hereditary disposition toward high cholesterol and heart problems, and his doctor told him that he needed to be eating more antioxidants with each meal. Legend took his doc’s advice seriously, and started making sure that he eats greens with every meal — including breakfast.

Now, we’ve seen some pretty epic breakfast salad recipes in our day, but Legend likes to keep things simple. He says that his usual breakfast is just a pile of leafy greens with a simple vinaigrette on top. I guess it’s his version of “I’ll just have half a donut, thanks.” Sensible breakfast means something different to everyone, I guess.

One person who’s not as on-board with Legend’s virtuous morning eats? Chrissy Teigen, cookbook author, Twitter celeb, model, and Legend’s wife.

“The shock has worn off, but when I started doing it she was like, ‘What are you doing,’” he shared with People.

That hasn’t stopped him from following through with his healthy new habit, but he also hasn’t given up Teigen’s home cooking. “We show a lot of the things we cook, but there’s a lot we don’t show…And even if we’re making things for the cookbook, that doesn’t mean we’re having massive portions of it. Everything’s in moderation.”

Honestly, good for him. While the thought of eating raw leafy greens in the morning makes me want to gag, I do like having sauteed spinach or kale in my tofu scramble, and I always add some frozen greens to my morning smoothie, so I get it in theory. And thank goodness Legend is taking such good care of himself — I think we can all agree that this guy is a national treasure, and we need him around as long as possible.

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