• James Van Der Beek revealed his wife, Kimberly, who was expecting their sixth child, had a miscarriage.
  • James shared the news on Instagram and in an emotional episode of Dancing With the Stars Monday night.
  • The actor shared Kimberly had a “scary, horrific threat” to her well-being.

James Van Der Beek shared sad news with fans Monday night: His wife Kimberly suffered another miscarriage.

“Wrecked. Devastated. In shock. That’s how we’re feeling right now after the soul we thought were going to welcome into our family in April… has taken a short cut to whatever lies beyond this life,” he wrote on Instagram, alongside photos of Kimberly lying in what appears to be a hospital bed with their daughter. “We’ve been through this before, but never this late in the pregnancy, and never accompanied by such a scary, horrific threat to @vanderkimberly and her well-being.”

James said that he’s “grateful” that his wife is “recovering” but “we’ve only just begun unpacking the layers of this one.” James then thanked the couple’s friends, coworkers, and dance partners “who have shown up for us so beautifully during this time.”

“As many of you have said, ‘There are no words…’ and it’s true. Which is why in a time like this it’s enough to know that you’re there. Grieving AND counting our blessings today,” he said.


Monday night, James also talked about the miscarriage on Dancing with the Stars. Before he performed his second dance, James talked to the camera about his family’s loss. “We lost the baby,” he said. “The little soul that we had expected to welcome in to the family took a shortcut to whatever lies beyond. You never know why these things happen, that’s what I’ve been telling my kids. All you know it brings you closer together. It breaks you open, it opens up your heart… it makes you more human.”

James said he “really didn’t think I’d be dancing tonight, but Kimberly from our hospital bed said to me, ‘I’m not done watching you dance.’” James then sweetly addressed his wife. “Kimberly, I love you,” he said. “We are dancing to ‘Take Me to Church,’ which is all about human convention that’s so strong, it’s out of control, it’s scary, it rocks your soul.”

Kimberly also went on her Instagram Story to thank people for “all the love.”

“In 48 hours, we lost our baby boy and I almost lost my life, which is not a story that has been told,” she said, adding that she would talk more about the experience in the future.


James announced the couple’s pregnancy in October on Instagram and addressed their past losses, as well as why they decided to air their first ultrasound on DWTS.

The couple “have been through three of those first appointments to discover either no heartbeat, or no baby, and [Kimberly] wanted to share this moment,” he wrote. “Miscarriage (a word that needs a replacement – nobody failed to ‘carry,’ these things sometimes just happen) is something that people rarely talk about, and often go through in secret. But there needs to be zero shame around it, or around giving yourself the time and space to grieve. We decided to put ourselves out there – not knowing what we’d find – in an effort to chip away at any senseless stigma around this experience and to encourage people who might be going through it to open themselves up to love & support from friends and family when they need it most.”

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