Lorraine: Dr Hilary talks about low libido

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“This root vegetable could help to increase your libido as it contains high levels of the mineral boron,” Jax stated, adding that boron “boosts the production of sexual hormones”. What’s this earthy, root vegetable juice that Jax is on about? The answer is beetroot. Jax explained: “Drinking beetroot juice helps the body to metabolise and use oestrogen for women and increase testosterone levels in men.

“Beetroot also helps the body create nitric oxide in blood vessels.

“This makes them relax, improves blood flow for better orgasms and lowers blood pressure. “

Understandably, Jax did mention that “feeling physically and emotionally well is connected to a healthy sex drive”.

Yet, a nutritious diet can add a “major boost” to your sex life by decreasing inflammation and increasing circulation.

Jax detailed other libido-boosting foods to try, such as:

  • Nuts
  • Fruits
  • Spices
  • Lean protein.

To delve into the details, Jax said that grabbing a handful of pine nuts or walnuts could enhance sexual function.

“These plant-based powerhouses are a good source of zinc,” Jax elaborated.

Walnuts are also a great source of omega-3, which can help to reduce inflammation.

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Moving onto fruits, Jax said the best type of fruit to eat is pomegranates.

“This delicious fruit packs a powerful antioxidant blend, increases testosterone levels and helps to enhance blood flow, thereby improving libido,” she said.

As for spices, “adding warming spices to foods can enhance receptivity, forge intimacy and heighten romance”, according to Jax.

Jax expanded her point: “Nutmeg and cinnamon are used in many cultures as an aphrodisiac.

“Just the smell of these spices helps to improve mood, soothe nerves and spark sex drive.”

When it comes to lean protein, Jax recommended: fish, grass-fed beef, and seeds.

“Protein can provide longer-term stamina for late-night rendezvous,” she quipped.

Jax also made clear that there are certain foods and drinks you should avoid if you don’t want to feel limp. These include:

  • Added sugars
  • Processed and packaged junk food
  • Excessive saturated fat
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol.

These are thought to contribute to inflammation within the body, “deceasing the blood flow to the places you want”.

High-fibre foods, although healthy, might not be a good idea if you want a night of passion as it can lead to extra gas and bloating.

Christina Jax is the food scientist at Lifesum – a nutrition app aimed at helping people to achieve their health and weight goals.

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