Diet and exercise instead of blood pressure-lowering drugs

In the last ten years, the number of regulations rose from blood pressure alone, in England to 50 percent – with increasing tendency. Not innocent of this development is the custom that the limits are always changing. Were in the last few years, blood pressure values of 140/90 mmHg as hypertension, it is now back to values of 130/80 mmHg. So it is no wonder that more and more patients are appropriately treated.

In a previous study, however, showed that high blood pressure in many people with a healthy diet as well reduce as with the typical blood-pressure-lowering drugs. 

And on 18. December 2018, a study (Meta-analysis), showed that there is also physical movement is most likely the same effects on a high blood pressure such as blood pressure medications (ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, diuretics, Sartans). As high blood pressure values of 140 mmHg were considered.

In the British Journal of Sports Medicine , wrote the researchers around Dr. Huseyin Naci, from the Department of Health Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science, that now, of course, not his previous blood pressure-lowering drug discontinuation should, only because they were the Sport begins. Rather, it makes sense to do first, both at the same time. May be sooner or later reduced to the drug, or discontinued.

Movement only lowers high blood pressure, but not healthy blood pressure

The scientists had analyzed the data of 194 clinical studies, discussed the impact of high blood pressure, as well as 197 studies that had examined the influence of physical activity on blood pressure. In total, there were almost 40,000 patients who had participated in the nearly 400 studies.

As a physical exercise walking, Jogging, Cycling, Swimming and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and strength training and the combination of strength and endurance training were applied.

Initially, it appeared that the blood had pressure in the case of those participants better reduce, the medications. However, had participated in the relevant sports studies predominantly of young healthy people who originally had a completely normal blood pressure. To understand if the Sport does not lower the healthy blood pressure even further.

While holistic measures to regulate body functions, so healthy functions do not affect, most drugs to have an effect on all people, whether they need the effect or not. So they will reduce the a healthy blood pressure even further.

Sport lowers blood pressure as well as drugs

Only 56 of the 197 Sport studies, the subjects suffered from hypertension. It is involved in the investigation only the values of these 56 studies, showed that sports could be just as effectively reduce the previously high blood pressure as it was used by the blood-pressure-lowering drugs. Particularly useful is the combination of strength and endurance training. to reduce (systolic blood pressure).

Drugs are not stopping suddenly

It should, however, pose a certain challenge, from drugs to sports to switch, because a large part of the blood-pressure-patients is not sporty, more active, so that here a suitable entry must be found, ideally together with a weight loss program (Diet). You do not speak – if you are sporty yet active – with your doctor and your health insurance, what options are there for you.

For high blood pressure with sports and movement slow start

A gentle Start, for example, would be easy endurance training (walking – 2 to 3 times a week), in alternation with Pilates (2 times a week) and Yoga (1 change weekly), so that they are at least once a day to be physically active. After a few months, you can start a targeted strength training plus Indoor Cycling.

Of course, this approach will not only do your blood pressure good, but your entire body. You will be more comfortable after a few weeks of clear, efficient, lively, and attractive feel.

For more holistic tips for high blood pressure you can find in our blood pressure-the main text. Here you will also find a diet plan for high blood pressure patients. A lot of Fun in the implementation!