This Morning: Dr Chris discusses heart disease

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In a statement Dr Alarcon said: “That’s the beauty of this approach. You spray, then you wait a couple of weeks, and the animals are doing just find compared to the controls”.

The result was not a one off with same results repeatedly achieved.

As a result of this positive outcome, the researchers hope to move onto testing their technology on rabbits and pigs before moving onto humans.

Should the results prove equally positive, the treatment could play a role in heart bypass surgery.

News of this study comes at a time when a wave of new heart conditions could be on the way.

Recent studies have shown that a mild case of Covid increases the risk of heart disease significantly.

Published in the journal Nature Medicine earlier this year, the study found risk rose regardless of age, sex, gender, or race.

Study author Dr Ziyad Al-Aly said in a statement: “It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, it doesn’t matter if you smoked, or you didn’t”.

Over one million adults in the UK currently live with Long Covid, a number set to rise further as a result of the lifting of the last Covid restrictions.

It’s not just adults affected by Long Covid, over 100,000 children are currently living with Long Covid too.

Speaking to Doctor Deepti Gurdasani, Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London and expert on children and Long Covid, explained the impact of Long Covid on children: “children have been exposed to the full effect of Covid which includes long Covid”.

Up until recently children were not thought to be as vulnerable to Covid-19 as older age groups.

The growing numbers of young children experiencing symptoms of Long Covid suggest this is not the case.

Dr Gurdasani is one of a number of scientists surprised at the lack of action by the government: “It’s quite amazing how little attention policy has paid to children who are clearly develop chronic illnesses

“I can’t think of any other disease in children that has this level of impact”.

For more information on Long Covid contact the NHS and consult with your GP.

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