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People will be able to choose alternative providers – either NHS or private – if their treatment is delayed for more than 18 months, with travel costs potentially covered.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid expects 75 percent of adults in England will use the app by 2024.

He also hopes it will help reduce the record 6.1 million patients on the NHS waiting list.

In a speech today, Mr Javid is expected to say: “The shock of Covid and the urgent need for recovery has brought us to this crossroads right now. I choose reform.”

The minister’s plan will see patients encouraged to use the NHS app to book appointments, communicate with their health provider and access test results.

Mr Javid will be aided by the Health and Social Care Levy coming into force in April, raising almost £36billion over three years.

He is expected to add: “When healthcare is personalised it works better. In recent years, this has taken on new life: from making use of our new ‘family hub’ service to taking a test at home for Covid and uploading the result.”

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