Many people who suffer a heart attack wait too long to call an ambulance. Scientists were now to the question of why this is so, and found two different reasons for the long Delay.

From their survey of 326 patients after a heart attack, it emerged, had the most, about three hours elapse before they sought medical help. Some waited more than 24 hours, the result of the study, which was published in the journal European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing.

This had to do with the patients had not recognized the warning signs for a heart attack right and a rating. Many of those who have had a particularly hesitated for a long time, also cited as a reason that they felt unable to act. You said for example: "My symptoms have me gelähmt", "I had the feeling to have control over myself, I lost the symptoms bekam", or "I didn’t know what to do, as the signs and symptoms”. Dr. Carolin Nymark from the Karolinska University hospital in Stockholm &quot notes: ;We do not yet know why some patients respond so. It may have to do with fear or anxiety to."

Among the warning signs of a heart attack is moderate to severe pain on the chest, throat, neck, back, stomach, or shoulders, the pause is longer than 15 minutes. They are often accompanied by Nausea, cold sweat, weakness, shortness of breath or anxiety. "A further warning signal the feeling that you are not able to your symptoms to reagieren", Dr. Nymark says. "This is the need for ads, to call for an ambulance can."

The sooner the medical care for a heart attack begins, the better the heart muscle and save lives. Nymark &quot notes: ;You do not ignore symptoms that could be caused by a heart attack. You immediately call for help. It is better to be mistaken than to be dead."