Activated carbon can be found in all sorts of products, from food to skin care. However, although the substance is used for centuries in medicine for detoxification, is the suitability for everyday use is questionable. The filtering effect of the activated carbon is not controlled, and can even cause damage.

“Its absorption potential, there is no doubt about it,” said Bernhard Uehleke from the Natural medicine Department at the Charité hospital in Berlin, the newspaper “The world” on the activated carbon. In fact, it is used already for a long time in medicine. The carbon mass cleans wounds and water and can also be used in case of Overdose of medicines used.

This strong filter effect is, however, also a danger. Meanwhile, the activated carbon appears in many toiletries and is generally used as a Wellness middle. However, the fabric does not distinguish, whether it filters toxins or drugs. Thus, binding and neutralizing the activated carbon, for example, antidepressants, blood pressure medicines, or painkillers, is problematic.

Uncontrollable Effects

Controversial is, whether the activated carbon filters when taking even vitamins from the blood. For this, there is a lack of studies. On the other hand, is well-known that the activated carbon iron and anti-oxidants binds. This can be in the worst case even harmful to health. Who drink, for example, Green tea, and at the same time activated carbon to take, make the positive effect of DC offset.

Difficult other uncontrollable effects of the activated carbon: How Uehleke the “world” said, could be the bound toxins under certain conditions, re-released. In addition, the activated carbon is a catalyst for new chemical operations, which can have an unexpected effect. In this area, much research work is still needed.

Pure Marketing Instrument

Natural medicine expert, Uehleke recommends instead the use of healing earth, whose detoxification effects are well researched. The activated carbon keep rarely what it promises. In some products, you will be neutralized by the other ingredients anyway, and be a pure Marketing Instrument. “Ökotest” rated recently activated carbon products and awarded several times with the Note “Insufficient”.