No matter from which country it comes from, whether white or brown: is The Egg from a healthy chicken around. It is cut in slices, the result is logically pieces with a lot of egg yolks and end pieces without the egg yolk. From the point of view of the food industry that is a Problem.

Because on a sandwiches in the baking goods display the tail of an Egg is not for sale. The industry does have a hard time with the conventional hen’s egg, and makes it therefore easy, using the so-called Popsicles

What’s behind it, revealing Sebastian in consumer magazine "ZDFzeit". The product developer is investigating how a uniform yolk distribution for the perfect Sandwich is a success.

How is a "Stangenei" made?

Thus, an Egg literally 'of the Stange' comes, he separates egg yolks and whites and increases the egg whites in a Bain-Marie. Through a pipe the yolk filling, then again in the middle. In industry, the bar will be Packed eggs in artificial casing and frozen. With additives, you are in your new Form now has a year of shelf life. For the manufacturer it means cost: maximum income with minimum.

Eat with your eyes

And even if the eye does not eat, the question remains: Taste the supposedly perfect eggs from the lab really better? In any case, the supposedly unsightly Eggs, the will show consumers whether the finished egg rolls in the baked goods display of the rod comes into it.

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