At low temperatures also f&uuml break;r skin care new times. What matters now

In Kälte you don’t ought to pack just warm, but also the skin barrier stäTurks

Serum fürs face

The skin is stretched, rötet? This is due to the lower temperatures, which our Hülle stästronger claim. The challenge in Winter is that the skin barrier stäTurks, but not überfetten.

To go facial cleansing gentle. "Well-fixed or fl&uuml are;vinegars synthetic detergents, the Säureschutz the skin stören, or Reinigungslotionen", Professor Sigrid Karrer, a dermatologist at the University hospital of Regensburg says. With rather dry skin rät you to cleansing creams with rückfettenden substances.

Also day and night cream dümay now rich. Tightens the skin tagsüber not, is a fatty night care enough. Make sure that the face is not permanent glänzt. The skin &uuml is;berpflegt, it can Entzündungen around the mouth, später also on the eyelids or cheeks. Für oily skin dermatologist Karrer of water-based skincare with less fat.

Afsaneh Azizi, a cosmetician in a pharmacy in Hannover, würde applying a moisture concentrate as a Serum or ampoule under the day care in order to facilitate the skin the changeover from summer to Winter. Alternatively, you can face once per week and neck with a moisturizing mask verwöstand up.

Sun on the skin

"To premature aging and chronic Lichtschäthe prevent this, you should use the year-on UV-protection achten", so Karrer. Especially if you are Hiking in the mountains or skiing: sunscreen, don’t forget. Für the way to work, you can from October to März on Extra-UV-protection without.

In November köcan even people with light skin lunch ungeschützt two hours to spend in the sun. Just as long as it takes, until the sufficient daily dose of Vitamin D üon the skin of the face, Häand poor has formed. In December and January can produce in our Latitudes, this is almost no Vitamin D more. "In case of a proven deficiency you prefer to take Vitamin D3 tablets, as möpossible for a long time the sun auszusetzen&quot way in vain;, rät Karrer.


Scaly shins, rough elbows? "Use the Köbody care wash creams and Duschöle", beautician Azizi says. You can reapply after cleaning with a body lotion with rückfettenden content of a materials. Or massage a Körperöl, about Sanddornöl, in the slightly wet skin.

Honey on the lips

The self-protection of our lips is äußonly low. You have neither Schweiß- still Talgdrüsen, produce neither moisture nor fat. Also their Horny layer is hardly ausgeprägt. In a cold, dry environment, the skin is, therefore, fast, rough, spröde and cracked. Süße-help: do not Give honey to friends spröde lips, and blot after ten minutes, the remnants.

He is considered to be entzümaking resistant. Zuverläreliably against Wind and weather schüBalms protect with Shea butter, Carnauba and beeswax and Panthenol, the wound healing föpromotes. Lip creams contain a lot of water and köcan ­Kälte the lip skin zusäin addition to dry out. Tip für skiers: do you Think the UV protection on the lips.

Balm für the eyes

Care that feels good in the summer, may damage in the Winter. Highly water-containing solution here are eye gels, for example, kümiss in the summer, in the cold Season, however, köyou can put this sensitive Region, really dry. "Go spätesting at the first Frost using a fat eye cream. Or wear only the usual Gel and give the cream darüber", rät beautician Azizi and recommends to stay with a product line. "The products from a skincare range in structure and active ingredients to be optimally matched to each other."

A good shield is eye balm with Jojoba and bees wax. You knock him from außs inside, and with the fingers of the ring finger berry. So they protect the connective tissue and at the same time activate the micro-circulation.


Your eyes need extra care? Für in between are Hyaluronsäure geträunlimited eye pads. Practically usable Wirkstofftr&auml again;eng.

Cream to the hair

The autumn weather deprives the hair of moisture. You will häoften dull, the head tightens skin, itchy and desquamates. In the first line m&ouml helps then: ;suggest gentle washing. Then lukewarm föstand up and against the Wind and Kälte with Mütze or cap schüsupport.
Tip: So the hair does not stick out in all directions, as soon as the Mütze lose weight, give you Styling something Haaröl in the Längen.

You are on the go, they manage to cream with a little hand, the flying tips to bäcomplete. In the Häthe distribute and use this to gently üabout the hair slipping. "Especially if the hair is not gläcoins or colored, you should wöweekly hair pack auftragen", rät beautician Azizi. In order to supply the hair roots in an optimal manner, the Wäcal is a concentrate with ätherischem orange and Lavendelöl in the scalp and ten minutes.


The Häbeaches are rough, the Nägel spröde? RUB the Handflächen and rüpress with a sugar-Öl-scrub smooth. Massage afterwards with a Wattestäble almond or Olivenöl in the nail, a skin, and they wear extra-thick hand cream. Drag Baumwollhand­shoes über and let the care üovernight to soak in.

Attention, Skin Problems

In people with very dry and sensitive skin, as in eczema, the &shy deteriorate;Symptoms häoften in the fall and Winter. Dry Kälte draußs, and dry heated air to escape inside the already slightly irritable, entzüfound the skin zusävulnerable to moisture.

To mitigate this effect, it needs now particularly rich care. Emulsions with high Lipid content are suitable dafür. you are ­especially rückfettend and save at the same time moisture. Also, products with urea (Urea), bewährt. They bind water in the skin and er­höMr so their moisture content. It makes you wider­stands­­fähiger. Also cosmetic products should contain only a few ingredients. This alleviates the risk to have an allergic reaction to the care.

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