Chick-fil-A’s special sauce has a massive fanbase. Most of those people won’t even deign to give Polynesian or Honey Mustard a fighting chance. But alas, some stiff competition might finally have arrived. The beloved fried chicken chain has released a new sauce, and Twitter is convinced it’s the best yet.

TODAY reports that Chick-fil-A has begun rolling out its new cheese-flavored dipping sauce at over 430 locations nationwide. “It is an optional condiment that restaurants can offer where there is demand for it,” a rep for the brand spilled to TODAY Food. “Its inclusion is a restaurant-level decision made by the individual operator.” The menu add has reportedly come and gone from several markets in the past months, but clearly, customers are dying for it to stick around.

“That cheese sauce is heavenly,” one Twitter user praised Tuesday. With others adding, “OMG @ChickfilA HAS CHEESE SAUCE AND ITS LIFE CHANGING,” and “The cheese sauce from chick fil a is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” People *stan* the stuff.

That cheese sauce is heavenly.


The cheese sauce from chick fil a is the best thing that’s ever happened to me

While the standard Chick-fil-A sauce is free, its cheesy new rival will ring up as extra. But for a three-ounce serving—versus the standard one ounce dips—the additional $1.19 seems well worth it.

Julia Smith

Unfortunately, for much of the country, the cheese may remain a pipe dream because it isn’t landing everywhere. Yet, at least. And while the chain isn’t currently making plans to take the phenomenon national, it’s reportedly stocked in Midwest and Northeast markets and has been tested throughout the south. Check out the Chik-fil-A app for more info on participating locations.

For Californians, there’s also guac. Texas and New Mexico locations are serving up Jalapeño Peppers for some added spice.

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