It is the 11. By September 2017, the Alexander Jorde makes known to a wide audience: The trainee nurse Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) participates in the ARD election arena on the subject of health-care crisis in the shortage. The Hildesheimer is quick-witted and hooks.

Since then he has been in various talk shows such as "Hard but Fair" or "Markus Lanz" to have been a guest and was as "Face of the Pflege" titled. Today, his book &quot appears;Sick Pflege". With AZ he talks about political mistakes, wise neighboring countries and also criticized his colleagues.

AZ: Mr. Jorde, in the summer you finish your training as a nurse. What predominates: anticipation or fear of the end of the puppy protection?

ALEXANDER JORDE: of Course you not be happy for the first time, if one has the acute exam stress and no longer in school must learn. Although this is a profession in which to learn to stop never. But of course, I am also aware that there is still a large chunk of responsibility.

"The nursing shortage is the product of a year-long Fehlentscheidungen"

Migrate into the care of the Paradise of Norway?

I would have to learn Norwegian! No, I don’t intend to. But I understand the question, because care is much more attractive than here in Germany.

In her book "Sick Pflege" report of a visit to a hospital in Oslo, everyday life of the nurses Paradise sounds actually. What are other countries doing better?

In Norway, the health system is in the hands of local government, the financing is based on solidarity, because there is no contribution ceiling. And the staff standards are very much higher. Our health-care crisis is a product of years of political missteps. It was not in other countries in the dimension.

If we are already in the policy: you are since a couple of months ago a member of the SPD. Do you want to inherit health expert Karl Lauterbach?

I’ve made a Post-Plan. Many make the point of that if you have a little bit of attention and then in a party to enter. I do not think that is not so desirable: It is not rich and goes from one event to the other. I want to contribute objectively, and if at some point something gives, and that would be okay. I would rather that a lot more people would go with expert knowledge of care in the policy, no matter which party – except, perhaps, in the AfD.

They criticise the fact that the nursing shortage is also a consequence of the fact that hospitals want to make Profit. Can you explain that?

It is actually logical: If hospitals, especially private institutions, want to make as much profit, you will need spending as little as possible. And this is of course most likely, if you are saving on staff. This sets up a negative spiral.

Should all hospitals be nationalized?

That would be my wishful thinking. But I’m a Realist. First of all you should have to worry about incentives and, in particular, state requirements that private hospitals should make profits, if the safety and quality of care and good working conditions of the nursing staff.