Again died in Nepal, a woman in a menstrual hut. The 21-Year-old was likely to be choked on the smoke of a fire, you’ve warmed themselves, informed the police in the West of the Himalayan state on Monday.

The woman had been sleeping, according to the figures, during their period in a vacant house near her home in the village of Purbichauki, because the community menstrual hut, the place was full.

After the "Chhaupadi" referred to need to be referred to the Hindu women during their menstrual period of the house of your family. You need to live at least four days in Cowsheds or other away from home-lying places. As they are considered unclean are not allowed to touch the women of the time no people and cattle as well as fruit and vegetables. The custom has been Recently developed in Nepal, under a penalty, but as a deep-rooted Tradition persistent among Hindus in the West of the country.

It was not the first death victim

A few weeks ago, a woman and her two sons came in the fire was a menstrual hut in the West of Nepal lost their lives. According to women’s rights died in the past ten years, at least 13 women in Nepal, while they were banished from their homes – for example, of snake bites, hypothermia, or excessive bleeding. In the majority of the country’s Hindu neighbor India discriminate against women of child-bearing age, for example by giving them access to temples.