Delicious wild garlic can not only be at likelihood of dangerous

Those who collect in the spring months of wild garlic in the forest, should not make sure, not to be confused with the delicious herb with a poisonous plant. In addition, experts point out that the leaves of wild garlic eggs of the small Fox tapeworm can.

Confusion can be fatal

The smell of wild garlic is one of the first messengers of spring. In Parks and forests, he rises walkers already in the nose. Wild garlic leaves are as a mild garlic set is a classic of the spring kitchen. The leaves of liliaceous plant are not only tasty, but are also used as a natural remedy, for example against hardening of the arteries or high blood pressure. Also for a Detox, the leaves are suitable. But the bear’s garlic-is attached to Collect caution: The greenhouse looks certain poisonous plants are very similar. Confusion can be fatal.

Wild garlic is sprouting up currently, especially in sparse forests. Who collects the tasty herb, it should not necessarily be careful not to confuse it with certain poisonous plants. (Image: piglets reggae/

Wild garlic smells like garlic

Baden-württemberg’s forestry Minister, Peter Hauk has pointed to the danger of confusion when Collecting wild garlic.

According to the CDU politician of caution, because the wild garlic is currently with the rising temperatures, particularly in sparse forests sprouting – easily with the toxic leaves of autumn Crocus and Lily of the valley confused.

Important distinguishing features between the plants, the leaves and stems are, according to the experts. Thus, each of the wild garlic leaf grows on a single stem from the ground, usually in groups close to each other.

Lily of the valley, however, have always two leaves on a stem.

“In the autumn time, develop loose, in turn, stems comprehensive leaves, i.e. the leaves are initially close to the stem and open then,” explained Hauk in an older message.

In addition, a smell can help test to see the difference. The leaves of the Ramson will not smell like garlic when crushed between the fingers, the other two plants.

In case of complaints necessarily to the doctor

Autumn Crocus and Lily of the valley store in their leaves, and ingredients that can trigger after consuming life-threatening poisoning.

The first signs of poisoning are Nausea and vomiting, convulsions, acute circulatory problems and bloody diarrhea.

These symptoms occur two to six hours after eating. “Who has after eating the garlic these complaints, you should definitely see a doctor,” advised the Minister.

On the leaves the eggs of the small Fox tapeworm can
The Minister also pointed out that even wild bear’s garlic is not dangerous, since the leaves might be with eggs of the small Fox tapeworm fraught:

“As these are killed at cooking temperatures of 60 degrees, and thorough Washing, or Freezing anything,” says Hauk.

Tasty and very healthy

The warnings should not, however, tend to dispense with wild garlic completely. The Plant is basically very healthy. So garlic is used in Natural medicine including complaints such as Asthma, fever and Bronchitis.

In addition, he cleans the vessels, and contains important vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, manganese, Magnesium, iron, and sulfur.

Wild garlic in the kitchen is excellent in salads, soups, Dips, or Pasta. The “wild garlic” is milder than the garden-garlic and causes, in moderate quantities, no annoying smell. (ad)