There’s only so many times you can reinvent the wheel and when it comes to rugby, most stopped at Super 7s. But for fans of the sport, there’s a new festival that promises to not only celebrate the sporting prowess of the players you’ve come to love and the skills that continue to draw gasps from the crowd, but also turn the game on its head entirely by taking it to the water. Enter: Aqua Rugby. 

The world-first concept might be a head-scratcher, but it’s taken four years to see this thing come to life and finally, 2021 will mark the debut of the long-anticipated rugby festival. Coming to the shorts of Sydney’s stunning Manly Cove, Aqua Rugby will be a two-day tournament featuring a floating rugby pitch. And if that wasn’t enough to excite, there’s also the super yachts that serve as grandstands floating nearby. 

Headed up by sports administrator Jimmy Galvin and Wallabies legend Bernard Foley, the inaugural Aqua Rugby festival will commence this November, turning Manly’s East and West Esplanades into a scene you’d expect from a Netflix movie, with live DJs and pop-up bars set to transform the suburb into a thriving mini-festival precinct. And when you consider the fact that sports stars and their fans have had to contend with disrupted competitive calendars and weekends free of their favourite activity as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic, Aqua Rugby stands out as an opportunity to celebrate the return of sporting competition. 

The invitation-only tournament will host a number of world-class men’s and women’s players, each of whom will battle it out on the floating pitch which measures 30×3- metres. Naturally, the rules will be modified to accommodate the new setting, with rolling substations allowed when players are tackled off the side of the pitch or when they dive off the end of the pontoon to score tries.

The whole spectacle promises to be an exciting one and fans are encouraged to take up the opportunity to get amongst the action from one of various vantage points offered along the shoreline. Ticket prices will be available for multiple areas, but it goes without saying that if you really want to get in amongst the action, you’ll want to purchase a VIP access pass which grants you access to the various yachts lining the rugby pitch, including Sydney harbour regulars Masteka II, One World and Ghost II. Local Manly hotspots like 4 Pines Brewing and Budgy Smuggler will also be supported by beverage brands, with the likes of El Jimador and JACOB Premium Sparkling also taking part by sponsoring the luxury floats. 

With the action taking place on November 5th and 6th, we’re excited to see just what Aqua Rugby has in store for us and given the original concept and the ability to see your favourite stars go overboard, we guarantee that it won’t be long before such a concept goes global. 

For more details and ticket information, visit the official website at aqua
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