As the most fitness-obsessed Kardashian, I trust Khloe’s picks when it comes to top-notch workout gear. So when she sported a Fitbit Ionic in a recent Instagram selfie, I couldn’t help but want to—ahem—Keep Up with her.


But here’s something that’ll make your heart skip a beat (something the HR-tracking Ionic would notice, BTW): Fitbit is having a MAJOR sale right now in honor of Valentine’s Day. The Ionic is $40 off its usual price—now $229.95 instead of $269.95—so go ahead and treat yourself (or your equally cool S.O.).

ICYDK, the Ionic is Fitbit’s answer to the Apple Watch, coming in hot as a smartwatch with built-in GPS, heart-rate tracking, personal coaching, tons of apps, music storage, and quick-reply capabilities.

Unlike the Apple Watch, though, the battery lasts up to five days—which means you can also keep tabs on your sleep for a more 24-hour, 360-degree lens into your health.

For anyone who loves outdoor cardio (that’s you, runners and cyclists!) or wants accurate credit for all their daily steps, built-in GPS means you don’t need a third-party app to track your activity. Heart-rate tracking allows you to see exactly how hard you’re going during your workouts—and how your health is improving thanks to them. There’s also an entire female-health tracking feature…something that might come in handy if you and bae are looking to make your own little Cupid this V-Day (wink wink).

If you’re single, there’s no better way to show yourself some love than with a cute accessory that makes managing your wellness even easier.

The Fitbit sale also includes major discounts on tons of best-selling Fitbits. But ends February 16, or until supplies last—so hurry on over to to avoid a broken heart. In the words of Khloe: bible.

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