Measles outbreak in Hildesheim! In order to protect students and teachers, the Ministry of health in lower Saxony in a radical way: In a school of 190 teachers and students until Monday to prove this afternoon that you are vaccinated against the disease, or immune. Otherwise you will be excluded.

This means that Unvaccinated children are not allowed to visit, according to the district of Hildesheim for your own protection, for two weeks in the classroom.

The Ministry of health, said that the school had to make a balance between compulsory education and the protection of children against a contagious disease. Even without vaccination, it is important to prevent further spread of the highly infectious and unvaccinated people life-threatening disease.

510 the teacher and the student are protected against measles

Employees of the health Department had checked on Friday, the immunisation records of all the 26 classes of the comprehensive school and the teachers and other school employees. On Friday, 510 students and teachers were able to demonstrate a protection, 73 per cent of those Affected. 190 people were able to initially provide any proof.

Since the beginning of the year, more people are in lower Saxony measles contracted than in the entire previous year, of the 26 cases, 17 from the district of Hildesheim have been reported.

Symptoms of measles

Measles is transmitted by droplet infection. Coughing, Sneezing, Talking – almost any contact with an Infected can lead to infection. The Dangerous: Already, five days before the typical red skin rash Infected contagious.

The symptoms are initially reminiscent of the flu:

  • high fever
  • Cough
  • Runny nose
  • Rash follows days later and the fever is rising again
  • After four days, the rash disappears

Severe courses of disease are possible

The infection weakens the immune system, therefore, it can also lead to severe cases, with Bronchitis to pneumonia. Rarely, it can also lead to inflammation of the brain. Because one in five of the Affected dies in almost every third must live with the consequence of damage such as intellectual disability.

But: There is a vaccination. The first takes place between the 11. and 14. Instead of a month of life, and the second will follow approximately four weeks later. It is advised that adults with uncertain vaccination status again to vaccinate.