If foreign body in the respiratory tract, the body tries the invaders over the Sneeze to get rid of. For this, he creates a pressure wave that can reach up to 180 miles an hour. A suppressed Sneeze can cause damage to the ear and the respiratory tract.

Sneezing is a natural protective reflex, says otolaryngologist Michael Deeg. The body with all the force of the chest muscles is chasing a strong air pressure through the nose. Anyone who tries to push this stimulus by force, by closing the nose and mouth, can bear heavy injuries.

The resulting pressure is comparable with the pressure load on the heart of hypertensive patients, the maximum, stated in a review article by the Izmir Ataturk Research and Training Hospital. For example, a case is known in which a man from the UK had a crack in the throat, because he suppressed the urge to sneeze. Until the wound was healed, he had to be fed artificially.

According to the ENT doctor, the suppressed Sneeze can also be a pre-existing pulmonary emphysema dangerous. In this disease, several lung merge bubbles to form a larger bubble, because the wall structures are destroyed. Bursts such emphysema bladder, for example, on the outer side of the lung, is the risk of a lung collapse.

If the air can’t escape pressure, affects the ear. Because the air could be pressed up into the middle ear and damage to the eardrum. This was a risk but rather a very thin or scarred eardrum, ENT doctor, and Michael Deeg.