Luke Perry, better remembered as Dylan from Beverly Hills, 90210, was just 52 years old at the time of his death which was caused by a severe stroke. The tragic incident is an indicator that young people too cannot be considered safe from a life-threatening experience like that. Even if it is not so common at the deceased actor’s age, it calls for preventive measures for individuals of all age groups.

As explained by vascular surgeons, a condition when a sufficient amount of oxygen cannot reach the brain results in a stroke. It may either be due to internal bleeding or when there is a clot/plaque that restricts the flow of blood to the brain (the second condition being the most common).

At present, strokes are among the top causes that lead to death in America. Generally, it happens at a later age as we grow old but there are chances for the problem to arise in young people too, just like it happened in the case of Luke.

If we look at the reasons, there can be different factors that facilitate the development of plaque such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, smoking, family history, and genetics above all. And the risk of stroke keeps on getting doubled after every 10 years, once we reach 55.

For the prevention of this disastrous health condition, it is advisable to quit smoking and ensure a healthy lifestyle through enough exercising and proper eating. Other than that, experts also suggest regular check-ups for any possible plaque buildup and cholesterol levels.

In addition to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, it is important to be aware of the symptoms of a stroke. Depending on the intensity, if it is detected and treated within 3-4 hours, chances of survival are much higher than otherwise. In other words, time is of utmost importance in situations like that.

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