A few weeks ago I advised in this series of women, when looking at the sex part a couple of slices of self-awareness for men to cut off. This had unexpected consequences: Many men write to me that it was not so far away with the Pride of the Penis. Rather the opposite is the case! The little friend am under a lot of pressure of expectation, and the man in question is actually permanent: he Is tall, straight and powerful enough?

This uncertainty is surprising at first glance, gives a Penis the owner but amazing benefits: You get about 21 percent more content, even though you need a good piece for the exercise of the profession rather rare (from previous operation of the Hamburg trips-Mannheimer apart). Conversely, a Penis miraculously prevent that you get lost in too much house work, because according to a new study by the EU cleaning and cooking, only 34 percent of men on a regular basis. This is a small Organ made of spongy tissue and connective tissue (before new Mail arrives: The word “small” refers only to the relationship with the rest of the body) so it is relatively reliable against poverty in old age, and unpleasant tasks.

From the Anaconda to the electric eel

In the parlance of the Penis is represented positively: 100 synonyms Jesko Wilke lists in his book, “Good Morning, Latte”: From the Anaconda to the electric eel, the meat rocket up to the Prince’s role – the selection is great, and hardly a word has – unlike the women – a really negative connotation. “Did you know that in some Parts of Austria boys have a ‘glory’, while the girls will have to settle for a ‘shame’?” writes a reader. So everything is actually said, or?

When, therefore, the pressure, the Compare, and not enough feel, begin? In Childhood, with the small – and by that I mean, of course, boys penises, it seems the relationship is still untarnished. Male small children play with them around, kneading it and pulling it in the length that the Watch is quite different. A pediatrician told me to do this in a pragmatic way: “This is totally normal, I told my boys that they should at least stop eating, please.”

Where it most hurts

The break seems to be later in puberty take place because of the adolescent, his family begins to doubt. Boys compare themselves in the locker room or in the shower, allegedly to make group Masturbation games and in any case, fiddling unnecessarily with the ruler. The result: Almost every second man is the size of his Penis to be dissatisfied, it is said in the current 3sat-documentation “wonder Penis”.

So here is a good news, which you probably can’t proclaim often enough: there is Hardly a woman is precisely can say if the erect Penis of your bed companions 11 or 17 inches long. Although women have the most amazing things in their handbags, but customs poles are rather rare. A lot more you are interested in the way the existing inches are used. Also – Yes, it sounds totally crazy – can you find what is hanging on the Penis, at least as exciting as the man himself.

Women say something Malicious about a Penis, do it’s probably mainly because you know the hurtful effect. As a prostitute, Stormy wrote Daniels, of the Penis of Donald Trump look like “the mushroom character from Mario Kart would be,” ran Twitter hot – only a duration of the active Account remained silent. Not a Retweet, not Fake-News-mumbo-Jumbo, no “I’ll make it great again!” came the reply from the White house. After all the serious accusations, the Trump had ignored two years of stoically or denied, he met apparently for the first Time.

When is a man a man?

But not only the eternal size comparison makes the man in respect to the Penis to create, but also the pressure to perform. In the intimacy, if the man is “Cojones”, if he stands his man – any kind of Faking is hard. The literature Professor Dietrich Schwanitz, was with his University novel “The Campus” famous, wrote in his book, “men”: “In Sex, so the fragile Ego of the man is brought to view. (…) All of the imposture would be in vain. He is naked. And his body is the instrument, the pointer indicates the state of Virility.”

That sounds exhausting, since you don’t would like to swap admittedly. The Journalist Hajo Schumacher in his book “men in balance” with old and new concepts of masculinity apart and brings the Problem to the point: “The Penis has to be hard, and it must come at the end of what is out. The are two verifiable functions, whose Non-generated Work greatest panic.”

Thus, it is high time to take the pressure out of the thing. This is the crucial note: The size and texture of the Penis have much less to do with whether a woman comes to orgasm, or not, as many believe. Let’s look at the in the journal “Archives of Sexual Behavior” published a study on the so-called orgasm gap, for the roughly 53,000 people were interviewed. Only 65 percent of heterosexual women come during Sex to orgasm – that’s not nice, but it’s not supposed to go straight.

Much more interesting is in terms of the Penis, that are in lesbian relationships, 86 percent of women will experience during Sex with the partner a climax. In other words: A Penis is the female orgasm is not required. And no, this study is not to demoralize the male demo, but only the good pieces and make it clear: Depends not relieve the bar too high. And not defined you on a single Organ. You’re more than that.