sports and games for kids

sports and games for kids

Sports and Games for kids

A sports program must be integrated into any child’s weekly regimen. Hence, finding the right sports and games for kids will allow your children to be entertained.  In addition, it will provide great exercise, which is essential during this stage of development. There are lots of sports and games for kids, such as swimming, baseball, sack race etc. Also, these sports and games for kids are great for holidays, special occasion and family bonding.

Softball and Baseball

For more than a century now, children have grown dreaming of being baseball players. So, why not get your kids started early? Children as young as five years old could learn how to play T-ball and after that, it is on to baseball.

A lot of local baseball teams are division of the LLB or Little League Baseball organization. As a matter of fact, almost three million children in the US today aging 5 to 18 join in Little League. The extent of the Little League seasons depend on the part of the area or country you reside, but in many areas it is about 3 months long and also runs in the summer or spring.

Here are the benefits that your kid will get from playing softball or baseball.


  • Physical strength
  • Balance
  • Citizenship
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Discipline
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork



Soccer might look like a sport that is very much common in other parts of the world, however it is actually one of the most popular games in America today. The United States Youth Soccer Organization was established in 1974 with 100,000 registered players. However, today there are millions of registered players.

Children age four years old and above can participate, even though with a small ball and smaller field than older kids. Furthermore, the fast pace of this game allows children to stay focus, who sometimes may get dull playing other games.


  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Muscle strength
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Weight control
  • Coordination
  • Discipline
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Self-esteem
  • Fairness



Aside from being lots of thrill and fun, riding a bicycle is also a good form of exercise. Small children can start on a 3-wheel tricycle. Then parents could introduce a 2-wheeler that has training wheels when they reach the age of five.

Once your kid is able, the training wheels can come off in a few months. However, for security reasons, children should not ride multi-speed bike, mountain bike, or bikes with hand brake until the age of nine. Also, children under eight years old must not ride in the streets by themselves.


  • Leg strength
  • Family bonding
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Discipline
  • Self-esteem
  • Weight control
  • Sense of community
  • Feeling of freedom
  • Environmental awareness


Here are just some of the best sports and games for kids, however proper guidance from parents is always important.  We as parents should always keep one thing in mind.  Please do not pressure your children into any particular sport, let kids be kids and have fun!


19 thoughts on “sports and games for kids

    • Malenyalo says:

      Hi, I’ve just started my six year old with swimming lessons, we bought her a tricycle when she was only three and her older friends were taking advantage of her and riding it way more than she did until they finally damaged it. Thank you so much for your informative article, I firmly believe in always stimulating the little one’s brain every chance I get and there’s nothing like sport to do just that. I’ve been meaning to get her another bicycle but I always forget, thanks to you that’s where I’m headed right now.

      • homefitnessgarage says:

        Hi Malenyalo,
        You are right, its very important to stimulate the kid’s brain when they are young. I hope your daughter loves her new bike, cheers.

  1. Paul says:

    I think this is a great piece, I believe there is a physical pursuit out there for everyone wether it be soccer, running, weight training or even just walking.
    Generally We are all ultimately responsible for our own state of health and fitness, and this starts in childhood as you state in your piece.
    I don’t have children of my own but I imagine it can be difficult to encourage a child to find their sport/game and start taking responsibility for their fitness without becoming overbearing.
    Cheers great piece

    • homefitnessgarage says:

      Hi Paul,
      As parents, we have to guide children on living a healthy lifestyle. The sooner the better, and hopefully kids will stay active well into adulthood. I actually don’t think its too hard to convince kids to play, exercise can be fun. Cheers.

  2. Peter says:

    I’m looking for value for my money. What is the cheapest sport to get your kid started in? Equipment costs so much money these days and kids want the best. Who is the best anyway?

    • homefitnessgarage says:

      Hi Peter,
      I love basketball growing up and still do. All you need is a basketball, and its not too expensive. The best part is that you don’t even need a team. You can play by yourself, but of course its more fun with other people. Cheers.

  3. Michael says:

    Hi, really good choices in this article, I remember when I was young I was going out at 8am and coming back just for lunch, go back again and coming back at 8pm. Football all the time, then skateboarding and other kind of sports. I loved them, I still do but there is not much time left for them anymore. Really good article, Its a shame that kids are sitting on their iPads and laptops more than outside. Hope that will ring a bell on their heads and drag them outside 🙂 All the best!

    • homefitnessgarage says:

      Hi Michael,
      Oh what it was meant to be a kid growing up. I used to play all day too, and there was nothing like. Just a kid being a kid, what happen to that concept? Too children these days are caught up iPad, ipoops, whatever and not playing outdoors. Technology is great, but can not overtake our lives, we as parents must enforce good habits in kids.

  4. jonathan says:

    A great list of activities for kids. We are actually planning on some swimming lessons and soccer lessons for our kid. I would really like to see them interact more with other kids than spend time on their ipads.

    Great post!

    • homefitnessgarage says:

      Hi Jonathan,
      Thanks for the positive feedback, yes we have to keep our kids active. Swimming is great, my boy love its. Team sports help build character and social skills, let them have fun. Cheers.

  5. Summerly says:

    Great options for kids sports and games. I was never apart of organized sports growing up but I did play them casually with friends. But my favourite thing to do was bike ride. It’s great exercise and fun to explore places with your family or friends. I still enjoy it today and try to go as often as possible.

    • homefitnessgarage says:

      Hi Summerly,
      You don’t have to play organized sports in order to get the benefits. All kids should play and interact with other kids. This is a very important part of growing up and developing. Of course, if they have the passion and desire then by all means play on teams and get better. Thanks for the positive feedback.

  6. John says:

    My boys didn’t want to play soccer at first and they actually hated it when they did play. Two years later and they LOVE IT! Not only are they keeping themselves busy but they are getting that exercise in. Soccer is definitely a good one!

    • homefitnessgarage says:

      Hi John,
      That’s pretty interesting and goes to show you that kids just need to try something first. After that you don’t need to force them to do something if they don’t want to. Most of the time, they will enjoy to play because well they are kids. Cheers.

  7. Mario says:

    Thanks for the article. This gives parents as well as children plenty of options for healthier living in many ways and as parents we understand the importance of early mental and physical stimulation for kids. Great job on the article, keep it up.

    • homefitnessgarage says:

      Hi Mario,
      It’s very important for parents to be involved with their kids physical development. The more sports and different activities their kids try the better. Thanks for the positive feedback, cheers.

  8. Ilias says:

    I joined a local soccer team at the age of 6 years old. I think that there are only benefits from this decision of my parents. I still enjoy soccer and other sports, play with my friends every weekend, I have enjoyed great success as a teenager and I was always fit. Encouraging your kids to start a sport can have only benefits.

    • homefitnessgarage says:

      Hi Llias,
      That’s what I am talking about! Staying fit and active is a life long goal. It starts young by introducing kids to sports and just let them play for fun. If they enjoy then they can play more competitively. Cheers.

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