power tower exercise equipment

Power tower exercise equipment

Power tower exercise equipment is also known as knee raise stations, and sometimes referred to as a captain’s chair.  This exercise equipment is great for building upper body and abdominal muscle strength.  In addition, most power towers are suitable to work out almost all parts of your body. Standard towers come with three following parts.  They are a push up, pull up, and dip station.

  • push up station: most power towers will come with fixed bars, where you can do various push ups.  This is great for stronger chest, shoulders, triceps and back.
  • pull up station: my favorite and considered by many the best part of power towers.  I love doing chin up and pull ups! Great for the back, biceps, forearms and your shoulders.
  • dip station: another love of mine! Turn your triceps into monsters with dips. Also great for your chest and shoulders.

Of course, feel free to alter your variations of exercise to your liking. ENJOY!!!

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The use of a power tower exercise equipment has become more popular recently as people look to stay at home.  As a result, this equipment has become a great cheap alternative to going to the gym.  While dumbbells offer different exercises that you can do, power towers can do much more.  Especially when it comes to more advanced body-weight exercises.  Some great exercises that a power tower can do include strengthen the back, triceps, chest and abs.

Although power towers are great exercise products, they are usually training only your upper body.  In order to gain a total body workout, let’s consider doing some squats and lunges to complement your routine.

I also would like to add that the pull up is the best body-weight exercise around! Furthermore, this type of exercise product is usually not very expensive.  So it’s a great bargain too!

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  1. John says:

    Amazing piece of advice here man as I never thought about getting one of these towers for my home. I had it in my mind that these were only for gyms, but I guess I was wrong. I’m about to checkout your selections of power towers and hopefully I can find one that fits my budget!

  2. Ali says:

    Nice article! I really liked it since I was looking for some information about power tower exercise equipments and your article answered all my questions very well. Just wanted to thank you for providing these quality information and I’m following you to read more articles on your website.

  3. Larry Boone says:

    If I am not wrong, I think the power tower has already gained so much popularity. It is now considered as a cost-effective home gyming alternative. A person can perform multiple exercises- including push-ups, chin-ups, dips, knee raise with the help of this fitness apparatus. But telling honestly, it is predominantly fit for upper body workout. However, if you have a barbell, then you can use the same equipment for leg training as well. Like other quests, this power tower workout has certain routines. You need to maintain that routine to attain better upshots. Another fact is, buying a power tower without any prior knowledge is similar to offering sweet in the breakfast to a person having diabetes. So, if you think you are less knowledgeable, then simply go through – https://exercisewithstyle.com/power-towers-guide/, where you can grab some knowledge regarding the power tower that will ultimately help you in making an informed decision.

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