Karl Lauterbach, no more calls (as in 2010), that health insurance companies will cover the cost of a homeopathic treatment. There are good reasons to support this idea, nevertheless, should not come here is also the biggest counter-argument to short.

The pros and Cons of the reimbursement of a specific example, explain the hay fever.

Three reasons why the funds homeopathy for hay fever should not reimburse.

1. There is a therapy, which acts

With the so-called hyposensitization can hay fever cause fight. Sufferers take a tablet or get a syringe, in which the substances to which your body is allergic to, in small doses. The immune system can learn to absorb the materials better. Allergist the treatment is also recommended, because it prevents, in some cases, that, as a result of hay fever, an allergic Asthma developed. (Here you find an Overview of the study location of desensitization to treat Allergies; here is the current guideline for the therapy.)

The funds to reimburse the costs of a homeopathic treatment of hay fever, suggests an equivalent choice. In the worst case, can lead to patients or in children whose parents decide in favour of homeopathy against a hyposensitization and so on the therapy to the disease fighting the cause.

2. Drugs that help against hay fever, do not pay the funds.

It is absurd.

In pharmacies, various a prescription-free medicines, the hay fever symptoms suppress. While they are not overly expensive – but you will pay to Sufferers of hay fever, as a rule, self.

An initial consultation with a homeopathic doctor, the funds would pay for the hay fever patients. The costs in case of doubt, more than a season’s supply of the tablets and has delivered, in contrast to this no sufficient proof that it helps against allergies.

This leads directly to the third reason to support Bach’s claim:

3. The assumption of costs gives the wrong impression

Everyone knows that the insurance companies pay some, although it helps clearly – for example, the above-mentioned drugs against hay fever. Or Glasses.

Part of the cost of homeopathic treatments you take, however, even voluntarily, without legal compulsion. This suggests that the homeopathy helps particularly well. Otherwise, the funds would let the Yes. But the health insurance is not at all to the effectiveness, for them, the measure is a Marketing tool. You pay, because some customers want. About the techniker Krankenkasse says: “We have no evidence of Efficacy for homeopathy.”

4. The Argument for the assumption of costs

Nevertheless, you should not try to conceal, there is a very strong Argument as to why the funds for homeopathy should pay. It is the following:

*As in homeopathy, the usual, was raised to the power of this Argument: The font has been so diluted in length more and more until it is gone. It remains, as in a homeopathic Globule the the more Information. Sure you are now convinced