Glastonbury Festival has returned this year with some huge headliners, like Stormzy and Miley Cyrus.

But for couples who plan on getting frisky after the night’s show will love the sound of this sex position.

It’s called “The Boa” and it’s perfect for tight spaces – like a tent – and will guarantee twice the pleasure.

Ann Summers has given Daily Star Online the low down on this kinky position, take note, but remember to practice safe sex.

How do you do The Boa sex position?

The sex move, which is inspired by the famous missionary, makes it easier to romp in a small space.

Climb on top of your partner, support your weight with your hands as you lead forward and intertwine your legs.

This position will lead to direct clitoral stimulation, giving you twice the pleasure and helping you climax quicker if you’re in a hurry.

Here are the results:

1. Self-love: 85%

2. Bondage: 45%

3. Threesomes/group sex: 27%

4. Gender-neutral sex toys: 22%

5. Being polyamorous (having multiple partners): 19%

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