exercise with a trampoline

exercise with a trampoline

Exercise with a Trampoline Benefits

Exercise is basically something that people don’t enjoy but one thing for sure, a lot of people love jumping on a trampoline. Did you know that trampoline is one of the best exercises today? Exercise with a trampoline could drive away pressure and stress while you burn fat and lose weight. If you have a small trampoline, you can even workout while watching your favorite sports event.

The Benefits of Exercise with a Trampoline

  •  It Burns Fat and Calories

You burn more fats with trampoline exercises than you do if you jog for similar number of time. And yet you will feel tired and drained after jogging. That is because jogging and running are high impact activities. Jogging puts so much pressure on your spine and joints. On the other hand, when you exercise with a trampoline, it is a low impact form of exercise. You will not feel stressed out or tired after your workout.

  • Helps Cleans Waste Products and Toxins

As you rebound, the force of acceleration and deceleration encourage the flow of the lymphatic system. This aid to cleanse waste products and toxins from body cells so you will feel more revitalized.

Exercise with a trampoline can strengthen organs, bones as well as muscles. They aid you to lose weight, enhance your balance and coordination, increase body metabolism as well as have more energy.

  • Healthy cardiovascular system

Trampoline exercise enhances your cardiovascular system and increase aerobic capacity that leads to stronger lungs and heart. This type of exercise can also strengthen and tone your muscles

  • Basic Trampoline Exercises

Knowing the best technique is essential for safety and to maximize your trampoline workout. If you learn the right technique, you will enjoy to exercise with a trampoline and see results faster. Prior to starting, do muscle stretching. Also don’t forget to warm up and cool down. Aim to stay in the middle of the trampoline and utilize your arms for balance and momentum. Keep your feet close together and begin bounding in the center of the trampoline. Slightly bend your knees if you come in contact with the trampoline. Jump and drive arms straight up over the head at the same time. Keep legs straight when jumping and bring arms down to the sides at the top of the jump. Go over this cycle.

  Important Tips

  •  Look straight ahead when you are jumping and keep at the center of the trampoline.

    Utilize your core muscle to keep your balance and control the bounce. Slowly build height. Gain self-belief and master staying at the center of the trampoline.

  • Begin bouncing to gain balance and momentum. Keep arms above the head and jump. At the top of the jump, twist the body and land facing the reverse direction. Try to land at the middle of the trampoline and keep on bouncing. Use core muscles to twist the body. Keep the arms straight above the head if you twist.

There are many trampoline exercises that you can learn and master. As you get stronger and more expert, you will gain the self-belief to try harder training and workouts. Keep safe and exercise within your skill level.  Have fun!!!



19 thoughts on “exercise with a trampoline

  1. Vin says:

    I like how informative your article is. I was looking for some benefits of exercising with trampolines online and I found your website. Looks like they provide many benefits to our body such as improving our cardiovascular system. I would buying a trampoline soon. Thank You.

  2. Emily says:

    This sounds like fun. I have a huge trampoline in my back yard that I could totally utilize for that! I’m not sure how the neighbors will feel about that… lol Thanks for the inspiration!

    • homefitnessgarage says:

      Hi Emily,
      Go enjoy your trampoline! Its also fun for the whole family, no need to worry about the neighbors. Unless you are having a loud party back there, cheers!

  3. Michael says:

    This looks like fun but I don`t see how it can burn fat effeciantly or lean you out. Maby if you jump the hell out if it. But it surely looks like incredible fun for your family or friends.

    • homefitnessgarage says:

      Hi Michael,
      Some exercises that you can incorporate with a trampoline are squats, leg curl, running, ab crunch and much more. The trampoline will add an added dimension that will improve your stability and balance, as well as strength. Also, it is definitely fun for the whole family.

  4. Neil says:

    I’ve always loved trampolining because it’s LOTS of fun and obviously keeps us fit at the same time. In fact, we had one in a yard which I used every day, and there’s now a trampoline place in our town where kids and adults can both have fun parties there. 🙂

    I can certainly see that there are some health and fitness benefits to be gained from exercising on a trampoline. I also appreciate your guidance too for doing it properly. I’m now really tempted to get a small trampoline for indoor use.


  5. Simon says:

    Great post! Don’t think I would go for a small trampoline workout, but there is a trampoline park nearby which is still pretty cheap and is great if you have a few friends around…

    • homefitnessgarage says:

      Hi Simon,
      A trampoline park, now that sounds fun! Definitely seems fun to go there with a few friends. I would avoid drinking any alcohol though. Cheers.

  6. Gary says:

    Great post. Looks like they’re having fun in the picture. I’ve been on a large trampoline a few times. We actually have one in the back yard. It’s a fun way to get some exercise. I know it didn’t take long for me to work up a sweat and make my legs feel like wet noodles. I didn’t know about the other benefits you mentioned. That’s some great information. I’d put a small in front of the TV but my ceiling might be too low. Anyway, thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed it.

    • homefitnessgarage says:

      Hi Gary,
      Yeah the girls are having too much fun on the trampolines. Well it is great exercise, and you can incorporate different routines on a trampoline. Its not just for jumping. You definitely have to make sure your ceiling is high enough, cheers!

  7. Norma says:

    I haven’t tried jumping on a trampoline. I would try just for the benefit of cleansing waste and toxins from the body. It’s not only a good exercise but it looks like a lot of fun.

    • homefitnessgarage says:

      Hi Estrella,
      Thanks for the positive feedback! Yes go to Amazon and get your trampoline and have some fun. Also improve your health, cheers.

  8. Mary Baron says:

    This looks like a lot of fun! I hate exercising for the most part because it feels like work. However, I think I can enjoy jumping up and down on the trampoline.

    • homefitnessgarage says:

      Hi Mary,
      Yes jumping on a trampoline is definitely fun, however you can do real exercises on it too. There are limitless possibilities such as jogging, sit ups, Resistance training and more. Have fun!!!

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