Running with knee pain

running with knee pain

Running With Knee Pain as a Runner

Running with Knee pain can be a common problem. The knee is actually a complex joint and virtually bears the entire weight of the body while performing rotating, bending and twisting functions. All of these functions increase risks of knee injury. The more acute the knee injuries are the more prevalent in activities and sports like turning, jumping and running.

Knee pain has continuously become a problem especially for runners. This particular type of pain in the knee is usually caused by the following:

  • Knees are ultimately overworked. Pain can develop gradually over days or even weeks and will worsen over time. When the tendons and muscles are overstretched, prevalent knee pain can occur and can result to inflammation.
  • Intense workout or activity like running. Runner’s knee pain is usually something that younger individuals or runners face and typically gets worse after intense activities like climbing, running and more.

Helpful Tips to Finally Say Goodbye to Running with Knee Pain

 If you do not want to be running with knee pain, there are helpful tips that you can try to save yourself from pain and be able to run smoothly and comfortably. These tips include the following:

  • Avoid Heel Strike

Do not over stride and allow your feet to get ahead of you. Make sure to stay ahead of your feet and allow your legs to swing into the rear and not forward. In case you reach with your leg while swinging forward, it’s possible that your feet will land just in front of you and you will likely be putting on brakes with each foot strike. All the shock will then hit the road and goes straight up your legs and into your knees.  Which however are not really designed to be shock absorbers. Your knees will eventually suffer from the abuse and will start to complain. To avoid running with knee pain, you better listen to your body and figure out what it is trying to tell. Alter your stride mechanics as much as possible or you can end up on the bench.

  • Do Not Pickup Your Knees When You Run

Ignore the advice of magazines featuring stories and tips for runners!  Such as picking up your knees and then reaching forward for longer stride.  This is actually not right. When you try to pick up your knees, your lower leg swings forward and your heel come down in front of the body. Apparently, you will be putting on brakes each time your feet hit the ground.

  • Perform Knee Exercise

Knee pain needs enough time to heal. Performing knee exercise will help you overcome running with knee pain. Knee exercises for runners include leg raises which can simply be perform at home.  A single leg dip is a type of exercise that strengthens quads and knee.  This may require support in both sides.  Lastly, the standing leg raises is a exercise that requires support similar to the leg raise.

Follow these tips and you will surely be running without knee pain and will enjoy running activities more than before.