Calories burned biking, compared with weight lifting

calories burned biking

Calories burned biking, compared with Weight Lifting

Calories burned biking, which Is Better for Burning Calories Weight Lifting or Biking? More and more people are spending a lot of time counting their calories every time they eat. This is also the same when working out. They tend to count the calories they can burn when they use a certain workout machine.  While comparing which machine works better in doing the job. Aside from workout machines, there are some who tend to focus on other physical activities.  For example, such as weight lifting and biking.

If you want to lose weight or keep your desired weight, its actually simple.  You have to burn more calories than what you take or consume every single day. In addition to these efforts, you need to understand the facts.  It is best that you learn which workout will help you in losing more weight and burning more calories. In this case, comparing weight lifting and biking is the focus.

Is the Amount Of Calories Burned Biking Higher Than Weight Lifting?

Biking is considered a great workout or activity for your cardiovascular system, legs and also your core. It does not only help you physically, but also allow you to reduce stress.  Especially if you are riding outdoors and are exposed to fresh air. Unlike other activities like running or walking that limits the distance that you can reach, biking lets you explore more and gain more distance.

The amount of calories burned biking depends on the intensity of the activity. You can bike for around 30 minutes and make this a high intensity workout. You can always choose to spend the entire 30 minutes reaching more distance or vary the speed.  As a result, this will make the route harder. At times, people tend to pick a harder track to give their workout more difficulty. There are also those who tend go with a gentle pace and achieve the same amount of calories burned with running or swimming.

How many calories?

You can burn around 500 calories every hour with a moderate biking pace of 16 to 20 mph.  However, if you want to reach over 900 calories per hour, you would need 20+ miles per hour.

On the other hand, weightlifting doesn’t really burn a lot of calories. Based on what most may experience, they can burn around 112 calories for general weightlifting.  However, this amount may increase when combined with other forms of gym workouts. You can always choose to get weightlifting especially when you not only want to burn calories, but also improve your overall physique.

Summing up the amount of calories burned biking, depends on the intensity.  The most effective type of workout that can help you in keeping up with the daily amount of calories you want to shed. For you to get the best results and to burn more calories, you can always pick a higher pace to enjoy the results of your hard work.