The benefits of exercising at home

exercising at home

Exercising at home

Exercising at home or going to the gym? While there are many pros and cons for both options, however I want to talk about the benefits of staying at home. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking those who like to go the gym.  I’m simply sharing my opinion for exercising at home and why it’s just better.  Here are the reasons why:


Whether you’re working out in the garage or any room in your house, there’s no social  awkwardness about it.  You’re free to dress the way you want and play whatever music you like.  Working out is about improving your health and not about being judged or judging others.  This is not a fashion show and no one will be watching what you are doing.  I understand that some people may like the gym to socialize and be seen and maybe meet other people.  However, if you just want to exercise efficiently, the choice is clear.


Let’s face, some gym memberships are expensive.  For some gyms, it’s like joining an exclusive club, as suppose to an actual place where you’re going to exercise and improve your health.  By the way, out of all Americans who have gym memberships, 80 percent of those people don’t actually use the gym.  My best suggestion, it to start out slow and get only one equipment at a time.  Focus on what’s important to your physical health and progress as your condition allows it.  You don’t need to show off and have all the latest and greatest products.  Stay focused and realized that you are saving a ton of money by not paying monthly and yearly premiums for the foreseeable future.

Time and flexibility

Perhaps the greatest benefit of exercising at home is the ability to work out whenever you want.  Your time is valuable and you shouldn’t waste it waiting on others. In addition, the exercise equipment at some gyms aren’t always the cleanest.  I don’t know about you, but I hate wiping off other people’s unpleasant sweat off the machines.  Your exercise equipment is always free and waiting for you at home and clean just the way you left it.  You also need to consider the time it takes to get to the gym and back.  There’s also the possibility of traffic or other delays that eat up all of your time.  Again, stay at home and exercise because they’ll never be any traffic.  Plus there are less excuses, what’s more convenient than having everything you need at home.

In summary, there are many benefits for staying at home and exercising.  You are free to progress at your own and not be negatively influence by others.  For example, when you’re working out in a gym or taking a exercise class; there will be people in better shape than you.  While this can be positive and served as motivation.  On the other hand, the negative aspect is that it can damaged your self esteem.  Working out from the comfort and safety of your home will allow you to move forward at your own pace.  Not feel the added pressure from others and no need to push yourself beyond the point of exhaustion, unless you want to.  In closing, it’s all about motivation and having discipline.  If you can stay positive and focused and keep your goals in mind, staying at home makes the most sense.